Why Rug Pads Are Awesome | Inside the Fox Den

Why Rug Pads Are Awesome

Why Rug Pads Are Awesome | Inside the Fox Den

Disclosure: Rug Pad Corner reached out to me to see if I’d like to try some of their products and write a review. While I am not being compensated for this post, they did provide me with the rug pads. All opinions are my own.

Hi friends,

Have you ever had a product where you had heard great things but didn’t believe the hype? Or a product you knew existed but didn’t know of all the great benefits it could give you? Well, for me, it was rug pads. I only have a couple areas in my home where I have rugs but didn’t feel like a rug pad was necessary. I mean, rug pads are only for those areas that are a bit slippery and you want to keep them from moving, right? Right? WRONG!

Seriously guys, I don’t know how I could’ve been more blind to the fact that they are an absolute necessity.

IMG_0422 copy

As I said, I only have a couple places in my home with area rugs, one being my bathroom. The one in front of my shower is really good about staying in it’s place, but the one in front of my vanity is awful. It’s not entirely it’s fault though, it has an accomplice. Before I leave for work every day I straighten it and make it look nice…

Ninja copy

…and then this adorable little jerk decides to run around like a maniac and I come home to…

IMG_0423 copy

…this. Not cool, guys. Not cool. On a completely serious note though, not only do I want it to be “Ninja-proof”, but I want it to be safe. I don’t want to be busting out sick dance moves when I get ready in the morning and slip and fall. The solution? Rug Pad Corner’s Super Hold.

IMG_0424 copy

Why I Love This Rug Pad

  • Non-Slip: As soon as I got the rug pad I ran up to the bathroom to try it out. Seemed good, but I wanted to test it out for the next couple days. Every day when I came home, the rug stayed in it’s place! It is Ninja and dance moves approved. ;)
  • Comfortable: For only being 1/8″ thick, this surprisingly adds quite a bit of plushy-ness to the rug. My feet are pleased.
  • Organic: Unlike some of the competing rug pads that are out there, this is 100% natural. According to the company, they “use actual rubber from the tree and turn it into this non-slip rug pad.” That also means that it’s safe for your floors and won’t damage it!
  • Non-Stick: Being organic also means that it has none of the additives that it’s competitors has. Other mesh rug pads are sticky to the touch and sometimes you have to eventually peel and scrape them off your floors. Yuck.


The other space where I have an area rug is in my master bedroom. This rug was a gift from my Aunt when I moved in and while it’s gorgeous and soft, it’s also really thin. Because it’s pinned down by pieces of furniture, slippage was not an issue but comfort definitely was. The solution? Rug Pad Corner’s Superior.

IMG_0429 copy

Why I Love This Rug Pad

  • Comfortable: My feet will sing praises of this rug pad for ages. Seriously though, not a day has gone by since I’ve had it that I’m not genuinely surprised at it’s comfort. This rug is right in front of my make up table and when I would stand for a long time either doing my hair or make up, the heels of my feet would start to hurt and I’d end up sitting on the bed to finish. That’s totally not the case anymore!
  • Protective: Because of the thickness and density of the fibers, this pad hardcore protects both your rug and your floor from any wear or penetration of furniture.
  • Organic: This product is backed by the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) and has a CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Green Label. So it’s super comfortable AND eco friendly? Yes, please!

One thing I want to be sure to mention about this rug pad though, please, please, PLEASE note that it’s NOT NON SLIP. I cannot tell you how many reviews I read that said they were happy with everything, except that it wasn’t non slip. Guys, it says it right on the product page. In big, bold, blue letters. If you want a rug pad that has this comfort AND the non slippage, check out Ultra Premium.

As a designer I’m constantly meeting with reps and companies to find great, new products to fill my library of resources. It’s a no brainer that I will be specifying as many as possible. This is a great company who seems to be running in the right direction. They make wonderful, eco-friendly products and really care about the customer.

They also really care about YOU, my lovely friends!

As a gift they want to provide you with a 15% off coupon that you can use ANYTIME you want / need a rug pad. So with this coupon and the fact that they have free shipping, you can get a 5’x7′ Superior rug pad like I did, for less than $45! How awesome?! Just use code REVIEW15.

<3 Chelc


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