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Have you checked out the #MerryBlogmas link parties yet? There’s some awesome creativity happening over there! To celebrate Blogmas in my own way, and continue with my Holiday Hootenanny, I’ve decided to post once a day leading up to Christmas! This week’s party is all about decor so get ready for some awesome Christmas decor posts headed your way!


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Christmas decorating has officially begun! Well, it basically began the day after Halloween but I’m now allowed to talk about it without receiving judgments. ;)

If I had the space, I would have a huge, fully decorated Christmas tree in every room of my home. Alas, my house is not that big. Maybe someday, but not today. Right now I’m the finishing Christmas touches in my bedroom, and while I can’t have a real tree in there, hat doesn’t mean that I can’t have a Christmas tree of sorts!


I wanted a tree that would fit on my dresser, but I didn’t want one of those mini aluminum trees that you can pick up at Target. I wanted something unique and more my style.

Supply List

  • three 1″ x 36″ wooden dowels
  • 3/8″ round wooden dowel
  • space piece of wood
  • white spray paint
  • drill & 3/8″ bit
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • small Christmas baubles


1. I had to decide how tall I wanted the Christmas tree to be and thought an overall height of 15″ sounded good. I had a spare piece of 2×4 that I used for the base, so I subtracted that from the overall. I didn’t want a ton of space between the base and the first “branch”, so I subtracted another 1″ from the overall. That left 12″, and because the dowels are 1″ square, I would need 12 pieces. I measured from 12″ – 1″ and cut them on my miter saw. After they were cut, I sanded the faces and edges until they were smooth.


2. I took the spare 2×4 and marked the center. I drilled half way through so that the round dowel would have a place to be inserted.


3. I took the square dowel pieces, marked the center, and drilled all the way through. For the top 1″ piece, I only drilled halfway through so that it would remain in place.


4. After everything was drilled, I spray painted all of the wooden pieces white. Let dry.

5. Now to assemble! I started in the middle, with the 5″ piece and slid it on. I then slid the 4″ piece on top of that, and continued until the 1″ piece was on. Because the 1″ piece was not drilled through all the way, it can only go so far on the round dowel. If there’s space left over between the 1″ and the 2″, like there was mine, I just slid the pieces that were already on up to meet the 1″. Make sure that the pieces aren’t so tight together that they can’t move.


6. Continue sliding the 6″ – 11″ pieces on, under the 5″. For the 12″ piece, slide on and apply a bit of hot glue so that the pieces remain in place and don’t slide down. Let dry.


7. Once all of the square dowel are on, apply some hot glue on the end of the round dowel and stick the “tree” into the 2×4 base.


8. Temporarily remove the 1″ top piece, apply a bit of hot glue, and pop back into place. Let dry.


9. Time to decorate! I spread out the dowel so that they resembled branches and added these small Christmas baubles (I love the word baubles) that I picked up at Target. They match my Christmas decor and colors perfectly!


I love this! And I love that it doesn’t take up a ton of space but still gives my bedroom a festive spark. And the best part? It can lay flat for storage!


How’s your Christmas decorating coming along? Are you finished yet? Be sure to stop by the #MerryBlogmas decor link party and link up your most festive posts!

<3 Chelc


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